3 Lies We Believe About Creativity

3 Lies We Believe About Creativity

I stumbled over my words, laughed at my own jokes, rushed a 30-minute message into a 15-minute window, oh and the slides went totally wrong — and yet I wouldn’t change a thing.

1. perfection is overrated
2. I said what I NEEDED to hear.

Last Sunday night I spoke about C R E A T I V I T Y .

How to bridge the gap between limited thinking and the eternal optimism of what God says. Plus disaster stories from my band days.

Workshop Slides 

On Sunday 15th of July (the following week), I led a workshop titled, "Putting Action to Your Creative Desires." Below are the slides for reference.

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Message Slides

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This message stole good ideas from Alyn Jones and Chester and Betsy Kylstra. Many thanks to Nigel & Jo Hemming who invited me to share!


Since sharing this, I've found better language for "I'm not creative / I'm creative." Because that may not resonate. But what does is, "I've got nothing to say / I've got something to say." That's the creative tension. And whatever the medium, there's something real and true we were born to witness to.

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2016 Christmas letter [Part 2]

Airport Watch

Let’s rewind a moment here, I missed a story. In early July, on my last day in Nashville, my friend Patrick offered to chauffeur my bags and me to the airport. Upon picking me up, we made a short detour to his place to pick something up. Along the way he kept asking strange cryptic questions about charging Apple products internationally. We pulled up at his place, Patrick jumped out and moments later he handed me a long white box, saying, “this is for you.” I pulled open the lid to find his Apple Watch. [Keep reading]

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2016 Christmas letter [Part 1]

Merry Christmas everyone! 2016: an infamous yet brilliant year. If nothing else, 2016 provoked a strong reaction for many. This is especially true for me, for better and for worse, for richer, for poorer… but no death thank-you-very-much. This season affords the space to take a longer view when reflecting on the year. Looking back I’ve found myself deeply thankful, even a little astonished, about what happened and where I’ve been, trials and all.

This is my first Christmas letter. A lot happened this year, so this is part one of two. Here are some stories from my year. [Keep reading]

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“I feel like I should be further along”

A pernicious lie. It masquerades as ambition. It reaches for greatness. But you’re left empty handed. In the quiet it whispers, “who you are, right now, that isn’t enough.” So you strive to get ahead. To be enough. [Keep reading]

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How I found connection through story

I never imagined my life as having a plot. Life was one event after the next.

This was never more felt than when sharing about my life. I could tell you the facts: travel dates, current job, present commitments. Asking questions or topical discussions was safe ground too. But I lacked the confidence to talk about myself with purpose. Unsurprisingly, feeling known and connecting with others was a struggle — except with those who, with a curious mind and loving heart, went out their way to understand me. [Keep reading]

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