Week by week, here’s what the school has taught on: (1) Hearing God’s voice; (2) the father heart of God; (3) healing life’s hurts; (4) prophetic; (5) physical healing; (6) sex & sexuality; (7) Life Languages; (8) boundaries; (9) intimacy; (10) supernatural evangelism; (11) inner healing; (12) the power of the Cross; (13) honour. That gives you a flavour. However, what have I actually learned?

One of the most impactful lessons I’ve been learning is how to hear the Father speak to me each day. I’ve finally found out what it means to make him the source of life and love that we so often talk about.

So many people talk about making ‘God number one’ in life. They say we mustn’t depend on people to meet our needs. When we feel empty, we go to him to be filled. We ought to pray and have God inform the decisions of our lives. That always sounded good but I’ve never known how to get that in any consistent way.

Sure, I become aware of his presence at church services. I’ve heard him speak to me through life, people, and in the Bible. But it’s inconsistent. I often don’t know how to hear an answer when I ask a question. I don’t know how to receive love and encouragement in the moment that I want or need it.

But that’s changing now. It sounds so basic, but I’m discovering him speak to me as often as I choose to listen. I am discovering that whenever I come to meet him, I come away being consistently loved and encouraged.

The main practice that’s changed is simply asking God questions and writing down his responses in my journal. The more I do, the more I become convinced of his kindness. Somehow I can hear him speak when I take the time to dial down and write down what I feel him saying. I’d highly encourage this pursuit if you’ve ever found it hard to hear God’s voice.

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