Our team has arrived! After a testing 24 hours of travel, we landed two days ago. I took the first opportunity to put my feet in the Tasman Sea (part of the South Pacific). Between the last post and now, the trip was fully funded!! I’m incredibly thankful to every person who made this a reality. Thank you! So far it feels as if I died and went to paradise.

Time anomalies

A curious oddity of the travel is I will never experience Friday, 4th March. It’s just gone. The timezone shift wiped it from my existence. Taken together with wandering beautiful beaches, Aussie accents and the weird time zone anomaly, it’s starting to make me feel I’m living in my own episode of Lost.

What’s happening

Since we landed two days ago at Sydney, we travelled two hours south to Nowra. We’re based here for a week, then we fly to Melbourne for the remainder of the trip. So far we’ve spent time connecting with churches and speaking about the father’s heart. One church we visited was on the edge of the beach. We can learn so much from them… Church. On a beach. Heaven. On. Earth.

We hoped to connect with local aborigines today, but our contact is unwell in hospital — so it’s given me a moment of downtime to write to you. Tomorrow, we catch a train to Sydney for the day. Some of our other plans are to launch a short school, help with youth ministries, serve alongside a homeless ministry, further outreaches to different communities, as well as sharing what we’ve been learning with local churches and schools of ministry.

Revealing the father

One quick testimony. Yesterday, one of our team, Kerri, spoke on the father’s heart. During the ministry time we forgave our earthly fathers for how they fell short of revealing our heavenly father. Afterwards, Kerri spoke with a girl of about ten years, and her step father. It transpired that Ashley’s biological father was abusive, threatening her and her family through early childhood. Later a family friend filled in some of the gaps. Not only was her father abusive, but he took his life in front of Ashley. After a hellish childhood and a life through the foster care system, Ashley had known very little of what a good father looks like. She chose to forgive her dad, and after some prayer she experienced something she’d not felt before: freedom from her pain and trauma. She said she felt a lot better now, actually happy now — a far cry from how she experienced life before.

Follow the adventure

Follow our photos on Instagram with #teamAUSSOME and keep your eyes posted on our school blog to read updates from our team and the other SOSL outreaches.


Some snaps from my phone…

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