I have a strange joy in managing my money. For the past few years I’ve budgeted everything down to the penny, and it’s brought me a lot of peace. I know what’s going on. I have a plan.

In the middle of last month I realised I’d screwed up. It was going to be a stretch to make ends meet. More than a stretch actually, I wasn’t going to make it.

Rent costs were up, the exchange rate unfavourably down. But mostly I’d just spent too much eating out and not tracked the spending. It was my fault.

Even though I’d landed myself in this situation, I felt like God had put desires on my heart for this time in Nashville. And that he was still going to be true to those desires. He would provide. It was far cry from his heart that I hide at home, waiting for another month to come around. I didn't know how but suspected God might have another way.

Getting help

So I told my family what was going on. I asked them to pray that God would provide. They signed up.

Later in the week, two days before graduation, a friend from 2010 sends me message on Facebook out of the blue. We became friends through school in California, but hadn’t exactly stayed in touch. The conversation went like this…

“Are you still attending school in Tennessee?”

“I graduate on Tuesday.”

“What would be the best way to send a graduation gift?”

“For me?!”

“Yes sir. We would like to contribute to the ‘Will Law Awesomeness Fund’”

“I can give you my address if it's something you can put in the post?”

“Do you have a PayPal account?”

“Really, this is so kind and thoughtful of you.”

“You’ve been on our hearts, so we are glad we were able to get in touch.”

I was astounded. I told him whatever he was giving, this was an answer to prayer. I expected $20. Honestly, whatever the amount, it was already enough that a friend from six years ago thought of me, and got in touch to bless me. All because I was on his heart. It spoke volumes that the Lord was looking after me, when I couldn’t do a thing to change my circumstance.

A couple of hours later, I see a notification on my phone: $350. In my account. Far beyond my expectations. This gift turned out to be fuel in my car, food in my fridge, coffee with friends, dinner after graduation, and so much more.

What counts

But the much more that most counts is the answer to prayer. A message of grace in weakness. Of all the years of my life, this goes down on the one week I realise I can’t make it work. That I have a need of my own creation, and I can’t fix it. I’ve never received a financial gift out of the blue. And this happens on the one week my family prayed.

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