Disclaimer: Here was my experience with the justice system here. Be aware, it's toungue-in-cheek. I have nothing but respect for everyone involved.

So you were caught speeding? Your bad! Come to court on this date. Oh, you can't make your court appointed date? No sweat. Come downtown and change it in person. Pay $10 to park for an hour. *Swipe.* Now you're here, fill in this petition to change the date. That's $25. *Swipe.* See you in a month.

A month later…

$10 to park for the hour. *Swipe.* Oh, sir, you can't have those items in our building. And you have no time to walk back to your car, so please throw them away. Thanks. Now go to this courtroom. William Law? Yes, we grant you the change of date. Oh, no this isn't the actual court appointment. We got you down here for your hearing to change the date. It's granted. See you in a month, have a nice day.

A month later…

$10 to park. *Swipe.* Don't worry, first offence, see the judge, do this course and we're set. The course? It's online. A bargain at $85. Oh, you want to pay by card? That's no fuss with our transaction convenience fee. *Swipe.* Good, you're free to leave. And you already paid the clerk their fee, right? Down the hall, to your right. A meagre $45. *Swipe.*

The lesson

3 mornings out. $188 down. A selfie stick and can of deodorant thrown away. And just a tiny bit humiliated by the judge.

Guys, go the speed limit. This was terrible.

Side note #1

My court room appearance was a comedy of errors… I missed my cue of when to raise my hand, I stumbled over my words, everything I said was corrected, and I think my British drivers license may have been slightly mocked.

That said, I actually liked the judge. Under different circumstances, I would have greatly enjoyed her slightly sardonic sense of humour. So, honest disclaimer: I have a lot of respect for both her, the officer involved and the laws in the state of Tennessee.

Side note #2

Me? I'm fine. Afterwards I medicated myself with good coffee and avocado on toast. Never fails to lift my mood.

Side note #3

Why bring a selfie stick into a courthouse? My documents were in my bag. I took my bag into the courthouse. The selfie stick was tucked away in a small side pocket. So there it is, mystery solved.

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