I stumbled over my words, laughed at my own jokes, rushed a 30-minute message into a 15-minute window, oh and the slides went totally wrong — and yet I wouldn’t change a thing.

1. perfection is overrated
2. I said what I NEEDED to hear.

Last Sunday night I spoke about C R E A T I V I T Y .

How to bridge the gap between limited thinking and the eternal optimism of what God says. Plus disaster stories from my band days.

Workshop Slides 

On Sunday 15th of July (the following week), I led a workshop titled, "Putting Action to Your Creative Desires." Below are the slides for reference.

Download Slides

Message Slides

Download Slides


This message stole good ideas from Alyn Jones and Chester and Betsy Kylstra. Many thanks to Nigel & Jo Hemming who invited me to share!


Since sharing this, I've found better language for "I'm not creative / I'm creative." Because that may not resonate. But what does is, "I've got nothing to say / I've got something to say." That's the creative tension. And whatever the medium, there's something real and true we were born to witness to.

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