The attention test

In under 5 seconds, your website must answer…

  1. What you sell
  2. The problem you fix
  3. How to buy

If you’re unclear, they’re gone. 💨

Confusion is costing you.

With a sea of options, people do not waste mental energy trying to figure you out. Struggling to understand? Next!

Common web design issues:

You need clarity.

Your website needs to…

I help build + write websites using clear messaging in combination with story-based marketing. This is the easiest and most powerful way to engage your audience.

Confusion is the enemy. When we feel clarity, we connect.

Cut through the noise.

I help create…

If you feel your website might be confusing or lacking clarity, I can help you create a website with a clear message using a story-based marketing framework that will build your audience.

Will Law

Hi, I’m Will

I’m an independent web and marketing consultant based in south-west London with over 10 years of experience in web development and business strategy. Outside of that, I study Theology as a part-time MA student and I brew specialty coffee at home. Instagram

Expertise for successful small–medium businesses

Most people I work with are successful at what they do. But they are too busy running their business to work on the business. They need reliable marketing and web expertise to achieve their business goals.

I help remove stress from the work and get your ideas out of your head into reality.

Option #1: Get in touch

Websites that don’t drive your business forwards are a waste of money. Which is why…

  1. First, we outline your business goals during our interview so they align with your brand strategy.
  2. Once it’s clear what you want, we clarify your marketing message so we don’t waste your audience’s time. This allows us to do sharp, clear copywriting for when we…
  3. Build and launch your conversion-focused website that drives your business forward.

First things first: tell me what you’re looking to achieve. We can then explore how this project could fulfil your business goals.

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Option #2: Website Review

Book a website review for £300. We assess your sales pitch, how not to lose leads, and optimise conversion for sales. Useful for websites that generate/project sales over £3k/year.

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Recent work

All Clarity websites (1) are built on a Content Management System (you can edit and control the content), (2) use a responsive design (they adapt to different screen sizes, whether a phone or a big monitor), and (3) use Search Engine Optimisation best practices (so you can be found on Google).

Karis Kids

Getting kids out of poverty in Uganda.

Brand Message Copywriting Squarespace CMS Brand Strategy Website Design Video Production Graphic Design Promotional Materials Mailchimp Email Marketing

Preview of Karis Kids website before Clarity
Preview of Karis Kids website after Clarity

Peter Larkum

Mental health speaker.

Brand Message Copywriting Squarespace CMS Website Design Brand Strategy Graphic Design Podcast Events Mailchimp Email Marketing Mailchimp Landing Pages Teachable E-Course

Preview of Peter Larkum website before Clarity
Preview of Peter Larkum website after Clarity

CAD School

CAD software and training.

Brand Message Copywriting Craft CMS E-Commerce Brand Strategy Website Design Graphic Design

Preview of CAD School website before Clarity
Preview of CAD School website after Clarity

XLP Research Trust

Fundraising for medical research.

Craft CMS Multi-lingual Website Design

Preview of XLP Research Trust website before Clarity
Preview of XLP Research Trust website after Clarity

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